Shaping the Field: Marty Bannister

Woman-Owned Wineries  is  proud to share the work of a winemaker and enology entrepreneur who truly helped pave the way for other women, Marty Bannister. We're drawn to Bannister Wines not only because their work illuminates an important era in the history of California winemaking, but because its work unites genders and generations. And couldn't we all … Continue reading Shaping the Field: Marty Bannister

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Sign up today>    "What role can wineries play in the community?" With an unwavering focus on sustainability in all its forms, Lulu McClellan brings this question to the table. Carrying forth the legacy of her mother, trailblazing winemaker Milla Handley, Lulu took over operations of Handley Cellars in 2016. She's native to the land … Continue reading Current Offering

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    We are proud to have partnered with the following woman-owned wineries to share their wines in our wine club:         Who's next? Sign up for the club to find out!