This site catalogues woman-owned wineries of Sonoma County, California. Click, scroll, and explore the wide range of creations listed here. When you make your wine selections, consider supporting these hardworking female entrepreneurs.

Women business owners are statistically more likely than men to face challenges in business endeavors. (Here’s why.) By putting your dollars toward their projects, you are  helping to level an unbalanced playing field.

Turns out, you’re also getting some very fine wine.

This list is drawn from my own research, yet also sources from others working to promote women in wine: Megan Glaab, winemaker and co-owner at Ryme Cellars; and Lucia and Jack Gilbert, professors at Santa Clara University. According to extensive research conducted by the Gilberts:

  • Of 4,000+ wineries in California, only 10% have a woman as their lead winemaker.
  • Of those wineries, a significantly smaller portion of female (4%) than male (47%) winemakers are also owners of their winery.
  • In California, the North Bay area has the highest percentage of women lead winemakers (12 to 14%) while Southern California has the lowest (4%).
  • Proportional to their representation in the field (9.8% women, 90.2% men) more women lead winemakers (23%) than men (14.1%) are listed in the acclaimed wine reference book Opus Vino.

These numbers show a convincing case for greater recognition of women of the vine.

I was compelled to create this site because, during my eight years of helping to operate a boutique winery, I witnessed hardworking women throughout the industry being marginalized every place from sales meetings to the cellar floor. I wanted to do something positive to celebrate their work. This project is my love letter to them.

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Amy Bess Cook


Sonoma, California