Woman-Owned Wineries celebrates female wine entrepreneurs through storytelling, advocacy, and commerce.

  • ADVOCACY: We began our project with a simple yet effective directory inviting folks to buy directly from women wine entrepreneurs.
  • STORYTELLING: The power of storytelling can change lives. With this in mind, we aim to share insights from the lives of woman winery owners who might otherwise never fall onto your radar.
  • WINE CLUB: In the interest of making it easy-peasy to access the wine of these women, we also aim to deliver their wine to your table.

Women business owners are statistically more likely than men to face challenges in business endeavors. (Here’s more on that topic.) By putting your dollars toward their businesses, you are  helping to level an unbalanced playing field.

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Turns out, you’re also getting some mighty fine wine:

  • Proportional to their representation in the field (9.8% women, 90.2% men) more women lead winemakers (23%) than men (14.1%) are listed in the acclaimed wine reference book Opus Vino. 
    • Source: Lucia and Jack Gilbert, Santa Clara University

Ready to buy some wine from these women? Great! Browse the directory. Then have these selections delivered to your door when you  join our wine club. 

Thanks for helping to celebrate women in wine. Cheers!






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