2019 Cheramie Riesling, Texas High Plains

What: 2019 Cheramie Riesling

Where: Fruit for this wine is sourced from the Texas High Plains AVA, where according to winemaker and owner Cheramie Law, 80%-85% of all Texas wine grapes are grown.

Says Cheramie:

“The specific vineyard we sourced our grapes from is in Levelland, TX (not a hill in sight!) In the Texas High Plains AVA there is not a lot of rainfall, so as my life partner Todd Aho likes to say they get to play God out there, because they control how much water the vines get. 

An interesting fact about our Riesling is that it saw 100F days, which when you think about Riesling you automatically think cold climate.  This makes it fun to compare our ‘hot-weather’ Riesling to a ‘cold-weather’ Riesling.

Who: Cheramie Law is a Marine Corps veteran who has spent six years becoming an expert in Texas wine, steadily pursued her dream of establishing a winery that highlights the state’s winegrowing potential.

“I think that one skill that I learned in the Marine Corps was to never give up, no matter what. Being a Black woman, first-generation in wine, with a wine brand from an up-and-coming wine region, I’ve experienced more adversaries than most but I don’t give up, I just press in harder knowing the other side of the pain far outweighs the current stage.”

On the bright future of Cheramie Wine:

We are choosing varieties that people wouldn’t expect to be grown in Texas but, actually grow very well.  Our first wine is our 2019 Cheramie Wine Riesling. We will be bottling our 2020 Montepulciano Rosé and 2019 Rhône Valley White Blend (63% Roussanne 19% Marsanne 18% Viognier) on November 21st and we have a 2020 Tinta Cão/ Touriga Nacional blend in the barrels. Not sure when we’ll see her…we are going to let her tell us when she is ready.

My goal in starting Cheramie Wine is to take Texas wine to the world. “

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